CDL Showcase Event

College Showcase Tournament

Jr. Teams ACCEPTED into the 2019 CDL Showcase Event: updated 1/31/19

13 Boys                 14 Boys                     13 Girls                     14 Girls

Fl. Prem-Mitchell   Clw Chgs-Villalba      Fl Prem-Symmonds    Gulf Coast Tx

Strictly Soccer       Azzurri Storm              Lakeland-Cortez         Kendall white

Clw Chgrs-Lewis   Fla Fire Jrs                 TBUN-Rodriquez        Fl Fire JrsSelect

WFF,Brandon         Strictly Soccer            Oldsmar SC               TBD

Wesley Chapel      WFF,EL-Christou       LWR Chgrs-Quintero   WFF,EL Pre DA         

Clwchg-Alexander WFF,E- Garcia           TBU - Duncan            Sarasota-Wen

Lkland-McCarron  Fl Rush-Tacaraya       TBUS-Maldonado      Lakeland Molony

TBUN-Charles      Lakeland-Frame         TBU ECNL-Dris         Fl Fire Jr Prem

                             Clw Chgrs-Sever        Fl Celtic-Valladores    

                              Dunedin Stirling         Fl Fire Jrs                    

                              WFF,EL Restrepo      Fl Prem-Solis/Fritz     

                               St. Pete Raiders       N Port Fusion               



CDL Showcase 2020 Hosting Agreement


1. Thank you for making the 2019 CDL Showcase a big Success! The weather was great, the new Hillsborough Sports Complex was excellent and lots of great Soccer took place. There were around 75 College Coaches in attendance and we are proud to Showcase the soccer talent that comes from the teams that entered the event. 

We look forward to next year to be in the same location for the Senior Teams and trust it will be just as great an opportunity for players to pursue their college soccer dreams. 

2. We want to Thank the Tampa Sports Authority and the Tampa Bay Sports Commission for all their help in making the 2019 CDL Showcase a great success.  


CDL Showcase Event College Coaches Attending 2019 Event:

1. Uinv. of South Carolina,Beaufort, Women        38. Webber Univ, Men

2. Amherst College, Men                                      39. St.Leo Univ, Women

3. ASA College, Women                                       40. Thomas Univ., Ga, Women

4. Aurora University, Women                                41. Southeastern Univ, Women

5. Agnes Scott College, Ga, Women’s                 42. Piedmont,  Men’s Soccer

6. Daytona State College, Women                       43. Darton State College, Women

7. Daytona State College, Men                            44. Rollins College, Men

8. University of Tampa, Men's Soccer                  45. FIT College, Fla.

9. Husson Univ, Maine, Men's Soccer                 46. Univ. of South Fla, Women

10. Columbia Intrnational Univ, Women               47. Fla Atlantic Uinv. 

11. Johnson & Wales Univ, Miami, Women          48. Andrew College,Ga, Women

12. Berry College, Ga.  Women                            49. Flagler College, Fla.

13. Broward College, Women                               50. Sweet Briar College, Va

14. Polk State College, Fla, Women                      51. Huntingdon College, Al, Women

15. Rollins College, Fla, Women                           52. Eckerd College, Fla.

16. St. Thomas Univ, Fla, Women                         53. Lynn Univ., Fla.

17. Stetson Univ.,Fla, Women                               54. Valdosta State Univ.,Ga.

18. Farmingdale State College, Women                55. Warner Univ, Fla, Women

19. Southeastern Univ, Fla, Men                            56. Lesley Univ, Mass, Men’s Soccer

20. St. Thomas Univ, Fla. Men                               57. Millsaps College, Miss, Men’s Soccer

21. Fla. Institute of Tech, Men                                58. Univ. of North Fla.

22. Uinv. of Tampa, Women                                   59. Benedictine Univ, Ill, Men’s Soccer

23. Uinv. of S. Fla, Men                                          60. Aurora Univ, Ill, Women’s Soccer

24. Johnson Univ, Fla, Women                               61. Eastern Fla. State College, Men

25. Cleary Univ, Mi, Men’s Soccer                        62. Piedmont College, Ga, Women

26. Fla. Southern College                                       63. Troy University

27. Univ. of West Alabama                                    64.Trinity Baptist College, Jacksonville

28. Emmanuel College, Ga. Women                     65. Potsdam Univ, NY, Men

                                                                              66. Berry College, Ga, Men

29. St. Thomas Aquinas, NY, Men’s                    67. Wisconsin Lutheran College             

30. Brewton Parker, Ga, Women                         68. Anderson University, Indiana

31. Defiance College, Women                              

32. Florida College, Men’s Soccer                      

33. Aubuurn University, Men                                 

34. Guilford College, NC, Women’s Soccer         

35. Earlham College, Indiana                             

36. Paul Smith College, Men                                 

37.  Paris Jr. College, Tx


7/11/17 6:59pm

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