CDL Substitution Card & Referee Supplemental Form

5/15/17 4:44pm

Rules and Regulations Senior and Jr. Seasons(Jr Season posting)

3/12/20 4:45pm

General Announcements:

As of 6/11/21:

1. Senior Season 2021-22 will begin on Aug. 21st.  The Senior Season will be home and away games.

2. Jr. Season 2021-22 will begin early this year on Sept. 19th. The Jr. Season will be home and away games. 

3. The Youth Academy Season will begin on Nov. 6th. 

4. Referee fees will remain the same except for the U-17 -  U-19 Boys and Girls which will go up $20 so each

   team will pay $70 per game. 


     A. All teams must submit reschedules thru your club DOC or designated admin person. 

     B. All teams must review the schedule before it is published and advise if there are changes. The schedule will be available 

          thru your DOC. 

     C. Any reschedules requested within 2 weeks of a game will cost $100 assessed to the requesting team. 

     D. Any reschedules requested with in 72 hrs. of a game are subject to a $250 fine, possible forfeit and paying the ref fees. 

      E. All Black Out dates for your club for home venues must be submitted before the schedule is published. 

6. The projected date for posting the Senior Schedule is Aug. 5th. 

7. The projected date for posting the Jr. Schedule is Sept. 4th. 

8. The projected date for posting the YA Schedule is October 6th. 

Ref Fees for 2019-20 for CDL:

1. U-12 Age Groups will play "Non-Header" the entire season.

2. Referee Fees remain the same:

  9' & 10's: Total is $30 per game with each team paying $15

 11's & 12's: Total is $100 per game with each team paying $50

 13 - 19's: Total is $120 per game with each team paying $60

3. The 7v7 15 Boys & Girls Scrimmage Games will be back this

    season...schedule will be posted in the 7v7 Scrimmage Section

    around Oct. 20th. This set of games is for 3 Venue Days- one in

   November, one in December and one in Jan. 2020. 

7/11/17 6:59pm

League Contact Info

League Admin- Steve Kimbrell

Phone: 813-785-6525 ; Email-

Fax- 727-467-9502

Mailing Address- CDL 2140 Drew St. Suite C, Clearwater, Fla. 33765

League Assignor:  Ed Pena

Phone- 813-732-2412; Email-

A Central Florida Soccer League formed and operated by the Directors of Coaching from each member club