Senior Season League Play & Announcements as of 4/01/24:

1. All CDL Games must be played by 4/30/24, Season ends on 4/30/24.

2.  Reschedule Rules for 2023-24 are as follows for Jr and Season Seasons:

     A. ANY GAME change requested within 6 days of Game DAY will result in a FORFEIT. It does not matter if both teams agree on the change. Only exception is weather related changes and State Cup, Region Cup Level Games that conflict. 

     B. If a change is requested outside of 6 days there is no penalty.

     C. Any reschedules or cancellations inside 48 hrs of a Game Day will forfeit the game and pay ref fees.  

      D.  All teams must submit reschedules thru your club DOC or designated admin person.

3. All games are now played with Unlimited Sub, no longer are we using the College Rule.  

4.  Senior Season Ref Fees;

U-13 thru U-16 Teams pay a total of $140, this will be $70 from each team. 70-35-35

U-17 thru U-18/19 Teams pay a total of $160.00, this will be $80 from each team. 80-40-40

5. RED CARDS in CDL must be served in the next FYSA Affiliated game a player/team plays in. All Coaches/Managers are responsible to notify the league if a player/coach has sat a game - the best way to do this is to take a pic of the game report after a game and text to 813-785-6525 to receive credit for a game served. 

CDL  Referee Supplemental Form