2017-18 Senior Club to Club Overall Champion- Fla Celtic SC

Age Group Champions:

U-15 (A) Boys-  Co-Champs: Clearwater Chargers- Prem & WFF, West                                        

U-15 (B) Boys-  Clearwater Chargers-Elite                                           

U-16 (A) Boys-  Clearwater Chargers, Select                                         

U-16/17 (B) Boys- Branden River SC                                    

U-17 (A) Boys-  Fla. Celtic SC

U-18 Boys (00's)-  Lakewood Ranch Chargers

U-18 Boys (99's)- Plant City

U-15 Girls-  Florida Celtic SC

U-16 Girls-  TBU Rowdies Prem-Cusmano

U-17 Girls-  Lakeland FC Showcase

U-18/19 Girls-  FC Sarasota, Blue

CDL Substitution Card & Referee Supplemental Form

Final Club to Club Standings 2017-18 Senior Season:

Club Pts GP Win Loss Tie GF GA
 Florida Celtic 127 61 38 10 13 159 67
 Clearwater Chargers 108 63 33 21 9 130 121
 TBU Rowdies North 104 67 32 27 8 150 159
 Strictly Soccer 72 39 21 9 9 87 64
 Lakeland FC 71 51 21 22 8 111 140
 FC Sarasota 69 37 22 12 3 87 66
 West Fl Flames, E  60 46 17 20 9 103 120
 Florida Rush 39 28 12 13 3 42 74
 TBU Rowdies South 37 28 10 11 7 59 39
 Tampa Chargers 37 31 11 16 4 51 102
 Florida Premier FC 35 38 9 21 8 62 114

Senior Season League Play & Announcements:

1.  CDL Senior Season resumes as High School finishes their season. Please check the schedule on a regular basis for changes and updates regarding your team schedules. 

2. Important Venue Change- All Home games for Fla. Premier-Mitchell will be played 

at a new complex in Pasco County: Starkey Ranch District Park, Lake Branche Dr., Odessa,

Fla. 33556. This complex is accessed off of SR #54.

3. Referee Fees 2018-19:

   U-15 thru 18/19 Boys and Girls-

   Total Fee per Game = $120.00

   Amt each team pays at Game Side: $60.00

Senior Season Reschedule Rules:

    2. New Rescheduling Rules Games in 2018-19 Season:

Rescheduling Games-

     1. All games to be rescheduled from teams of Regular CDL Member Clubs must go thru a Club DOC then to the CDL League Commissioner.

    2. All games to be rescheduled from Guest Teams must go thru their club DOC then to  CDL League Administrator unless you are a stand alone Guest Team.

    3. NEW FOR 2018-19-   Any team seeking to reschedule a game after the seasonbegins must use the NEW RESCHEDULE FORM CALLED THE

      GAME RESCHEDULE REQUEST form (GRR).   This form cannot be found on line but must be secured from your club DOC.

A)    Games inside 2 weeks of scheduled play will cost $100 for the team Initiating the Change, then a new date must be submitted to finalize.

B)    Game outside 2 weeks of schedule play have no charge, but still must go thru the Club DOC with the GCRF, a new date must be submitted to finalize the change.

C)    Games CANCELLED BY A TEAM inside 48 hours will cost a team a forfeit, they must pay entire ref fees and $100 fine. Failure to pay the ref fees and fine to the league will result in the coach and team being suspended for league play. This includes teams choosing to not show for a game without notifying the league and getting approval. 

D)    Games cancelled by Weather Issues at any time have no penalty and are subject to reschedule as soon as possible.

E)    If 2 teams fail to notify the league they have chosen to not play a game within 48 hrs of the scheduled time of the game, both teams

Shall their share of the ref fees to the league and no score will be recorded for the game and no reschedule will be allowed.

            No number of rules can cover all the circumstances that could arise in league play regarding Reschedules so it will be up to the CDL League Administrator/Commissioner to use good judgement to decide on all other situations and his decision shall be final. 

7/11/17 6:59pm

League Contact Info

League Admin- Steve Kimbrell

Phone: 813-785-6525 ; Email-

Fax- 727-467-9502

Mailing Address- CDL 2140 Drew St. Suite C, Clearwater, Fla. 33765

League Assignor:  Ed Pena

Phone- 813-732-2412; Email-

Final Senior Season Divisional Standings 2017-18:

clink link attached for Detailed Div. Standings