CDL Substitution Card & Referee Supplemental Form

Final Club to Club Standings 2016-17 Senior Season:

Tampa Bay United Premier 158.00 50 11 8
Clearwater Chargers 117.00 36 14 9
Strictly Soccer 106.00 33 11 7
Fl. Krush/Kraze 98.00 28 8 14
Tampa Bay United Elite 90.00 28 18 6
Lakeland FC 87.00 26 18 9
FC Sarasota 45.00 12 9 9
Tampa Chargers 40.00 12 17 4
West Pasco FC 37.00 11 17 4
Florida Rush 17.00 5 27 2
WFF, East 8.00 2 21 4
WW-(Celtic 18B) 0.00 0 0 0
WW-(WFF,West18B) 0.00 0 0 0

Final Senior Season Divisional Champions 2016-17:

15 Boys (A) Co-Champions- Strictly Soccer & TBU Premier

15 Boys (B) Co-Champions- Fla. Celtic & Tpa. Dynamo

16 Boys (A)- TBU Elite

16 Boys (B)- Clearwater Chargers

17 Boys- Strictly Soccer & Tampa Dynamo

18 Boys- FKK and WFF, W

15 Girls- Co-Champions- TBU Premier & TBU Classic

16 Girls- TBU Classic

17 Girls- Wesley Chapel

18 Girls- TBU Premier

Senior Season League Play & Announcements:

1. All Reschedules due to Hurricane Irma or otherwise-

    A. Teams must communicate with each other, decide on a new date & time.

    B. Advise the league of the new date/time for the game to be confirmed. 

    C. Any available play date in Feb and Mar will be acceptable. 

2. You must check your schedule regularly for Changes.

Messages about changes are communicated from the league to Club DOCs which may not find it's way to your 

team, coach or manager.  Check the schedule weekly so there are no mishaps with teams not knowing the correct info. 

3. 01's & 02's (16B(B) and 17B)B) Divisions are combined into one Division which will be a U-17 Boys (B) with the 16B playing up into it.

  Play Rules: 90 minute Games, 45 min. halves

4. The 17 Boys (A) will play Home and Away games.

5. The 17 Girls will play Home and Away games.

6. The 18 Girls are a combined 00's & 99's.

7. Referee Fees:

   U-15 thru 18/19 Boys and Girls-

   Total Fee per Game = $120.00

   Amt each team pays at Game Side: $60.00

8. The Fla. Rush will not have a 2nd 16 Boys Div. A out of Sarasota as planned. So all games on the schedule

they were to play have been cancelled in the system. Please review your schedule as times have changed due

to this team dropping out. 

Senior Season Reschedule Rules:

     A. Contact your Club DOC to discuss if the game should be


     B. Have your DOC contact the CDL League administrator to see

          if the reschedule is

         approved to be moved. Not every request is approved following

         criteria established bythe league.

     C. If the league approves the reschedule, then both teams need

         to agree on a new date ¬ify the league for the reschedule

         to be posted. Both teams share the responsibility to

         communicate the Rescheduled Game.

7/11/17 6:59pm

League Contact Info

League Admin- Steve Kimbrell

Phone: 813-785-6525 ; Email-

Fax- 727-467-9502

Mailing Address- CDL 2140 Drew St. Suite C, Clearwater, Fla. 33765

League Assignor:  Ed Pena

Phone- 813-732-2412; Email-