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Final Club to Club Senior Standings 2019-20

Club Overall Senior Winner - Clearwater Chargers 2019-20 Season

Club Standings

Club Logo Clearwater Chargers15063489619474
Club Logo Fla Premier FC-Mitchell1416345126187105
Club Logo Florida Celtic93482913616076
Club Logo Strictly Soccer7743241459566
Club Logo West Florida Flames, Brandon73442317491102
Club Logo TBUR North59721747898271
Club Logo West Florida Flames, East Lake47451426578140
Club Logo Fla. Premier FC- Collier45451224974156
Club Logo FC Sarasota4332121377592
Club Logo Lakeland Tropics FC3222101024945
Club Logo TBUR South25177643439
Club Logo Tampa Chargers14144822430
Club Logo Lakewood Ranch Chargers0000000

CDL Substitution Card & Referee Supplemental Form

Senior Season League Play & Announcements:

New Season for 2020-2021: Season pauses for High School, resumes in Feb-March

1. Many gms have been rescheduled to early Spring due to Covid 19. 

2.The following Age Groups in the Senior Season will play home and away to increase their game count:

    A. 15B(A)                             E. 18/19 Boys Blue Div.

   B. 15B (B)                             F. 15 Girls 

   C. 16B (A)                            G. 17 Girls 

   D. 18/19 Boys Black Div      H. 18/19 Girls

3. The B Div of the 16 Boys and 17 Boys are combined into a 17/16 Boys (B) single Div.

4. League Protocols due to the Corona Virus Pandemic: 

   Due to the variety of authorities involved with dictating guidelines for preventing the spread of the Virus, 

   CDL will not have an official league wise protocol Statement but rather it will be the responsibility of each

   HOME CLUB to advise a visiting Club of their Venue Requirements that the visiting club players, coaches, 

   and parents must adhere to. 

5. Referee Fees 2020-21:

   U-15 thru 18/19 Boys and Girls- Total Fee per Game = $120.00; Amt each team pays at Game Side: $60.00

6. RED CARDS in CDL must be served in the next FYSA Affliated game a player/team plays in. All Coaches/Managers are responsible to notify the league if a player/coach has sat a game - the best way to do this is to take a pic of the game report after a game and text to 813-785-6525 to receive credit for a game served. 

7/11/17 6:59pm

League Contact Info

League Admin- Steve Kimbrell

Phone: 813-785-6525 ; Email-

Fax- 727-467-9502

Mailing Address- CDL 2140 Drew St. Suite C, Clearwater, Fla. 33765

League Assignor:  Ed Pena

Phone- 813-732-2412; Email-

7/6/20 4:55pm

CDL Senior Season Div. Standings 2019-20

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