6/7/18 4:39pm

Jr. Season Overall & Divisional Champions 2017-18

Over All Club Champion Jr. Season- Florida Premier SC

Divisional Champions-

U-11 Boys (A): Fla. Premier-Ortiz

U-11 Boys (B): TBU North-Edwards

U-12 Boys (A): WFF, East-Cunningham

U-12 Boys (B): Strictly Soccer-Burt & Fla. Premier-Torress

U-13 Boys (A): FC Sarasota- Bates

U-13 Boys (B): Clearwater Chargers-Sever

U-14 Boys (A): Fla. Rush- Clifford

U-14 Boys (B): Fla. Premier- Barrientos

U-11 Girls (A): Fla. Premier- Skyrd

U-11 Girls (B): Fla. Celitc- Fehrman

U-12 Girls (A): West Fl. Flames,East- Hernandez 

U-12 Girls (B): Clearwater Chargers- Lynch

U-13 Girls: TBU North- Grether

U-14 Girls: Clearwater Chargers- Malinosky

5/15/17 4:44pm

Rules and Regulations

7/10/17 9:12am

JR. Season Announcements

Jr. Season Announcements:

1. Please be aware the CDL Jr. Season will start on Nov. 3rd., 2018.

2. Prior to the Season StartingEach Team must communicate to your Club DOC who will then communicate with the league the Games you need to reschedule due to TOURNAMENTS you intend to go to. Failure to do this may lead to forfeits of your league games. 

After the season starts, the new Reschedule Rules take effect. 

3. All 12 Age Groups will be Non-Heading Divisions for the full


4.Ref fees for 2018-19 Season:

   11-12 Age Groups- Each team pays $50 per game.

    Ref pay is 50-25-25.

   13-14 Age Groups- Each team pays $60 per game.

   Ref pay is 60-30-30.

5. Certain Age Groups will play home and away within their age group. Those age groups are the 11B(C), 11G(A), 13G(A) and the 13G(B).  

CDL Substitution Card Jr. Season fro 13-14 Age Groups

Reschedule of Jr. Season Games:

    1. New Rules for the 2018-19 Season for Rescheduling games will be announced in the near future.