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 CDL Announcements

Update to scoring/standings/announcements as of 3/30/16:

1. Last Day to book a rescheduled game for the Senior Season is 4/6/16.

   (a rescheduled game may be played past 4/6/16, but it has to be booked by  4/6)

 2. Refere Fees for Senior Season Games U-15 to U-18:

   A. Home games at FKK or Fla. Rush Orlando Venues: $60 from each team at game side.

   B. Home games at all other locations outside of Orlando: $50 from each team at game side.

3. To Reschedule a Senior Season Game:

     A. Contact your Club DOC to discuss if the game should be moved.

     B. Have your DOC contact the CDL League administrator to see if the reschedule is

         approved to be moved. Not every request is approved following critiria established by

         the league.

     C. If the league approves the reschedule, then both teams need to agree on a new date &

         notify the league for the reschedule to be posted.

4. Roster Changes need to be communicated to the league to update your CDL roster.



Congratulations to Strictly Soccer for Winning the 2014-15 Overall Championship!

Age group Champions 2014-15: 

U-15 Boys (A): Strictly Soccer

U-16 Boys (A): Strictly Soccer

U-16 Boys(B): Houston Dynamo

U-17 Boys: Strictly Soccer

U-18 Boys: Clearwater Chargers

U-15 Girls: Clearwater Chargers

U-16 Girls: TBU N (Cote)

U-17 Girls: West Fla. Flames, East

U-18 Girls: Strictly Soccer 




    A Central Florida Soccer League formed and operated by the Directors of Coaching from each club that is in the league.

The Club Directors League is fully sanctioned and affiliatedwith FYSA, USYSA, and US Soccer Federation. We abideby all FYSA rules and regulations including poaching rulesand red card violations. All teams participating in theCDL meet qualification rules for State Cup with FYSA.

 League Mission Statement:

“To provide local league competition with the member clubs  that provides an atmosphere for each club to best develop it’s teams and players so that each team has the best possible opportunity to compete on a premiere basis. The league is   simply a scheduling body for those games.”

For the complete rules and regulations click here.